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released April 8, 2013

All songs written by Jeremy Warden, © 2013. All rights reserved. Published by The Almighty Sound, BMI. Arranged, performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by BEAR THE SOUND at The Almighty Sound, Twin Cities, MN from July 2012 to February 2013. Front cover and disc art by Evan Flom, © 2013. All rights reserved. Thank you to our families and our friends.



all rights reserved


BEAR THE SOUND Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our musical collaboration began in the Spring of 2012 and our debut album, ANTHROCENE, was released on 8 April, 2013. The follow-up HYPNOPOMP ep was released on 8 July, 2014.

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Track Name: The Bay
I was standing by the bay, waiting for someone to call my name
Tell me just who I should be, take my mind, take my memory
And the golden kiss of the sun
Makes my mind slide by and by 'til it's undone
The future's mirroring the past
And there's nothing we want, there's nothing for which we could ask
You were lying in the yard, wild berries wild wild thoughts
Whole worlds swirling 'round your eyes
Just as many as in the sky
I've got cool mornings in my mind
Sweet vibrations by my side
And it's cold, it's nice, this land of mine
Throw me to that big black sky
Track Name: Acid Naps
Go to sleep my baby, you're so sweet and crazy for me now
The world you're in is lazy, so dream, dream slowly
Where do the days go, what might you dream of?
Where does a life go, and why oh why do they start at all?
Do you want me right now, to touch you, to feel your heart?
In the silent sheets, it's only ever you and me
So whisper to my heart, that your eyes will always be
Mirrors of the northern sea where you first loved me
Rest your mind my darling, it's alright just cold and dark
It's one long life you're stuck in, so dream, dream slowly.
Track Name: A Room In The Sky
The freaks are on the radio and the whores are at the show
I'm hiding in my friends' apartment, melting away with the snow
Now watch the kid, the mindless one try hard to get it right
The sounding chimes of freedom turned to just a painful burning light
For now
Think of all your friends and all the places they have been
Pray you don't fall in the pool of everything that they'll forget
And sitting uninspired in some dull and crowded house
Having second thoughts about every choice you've made
Before now
But oh my one true love, please don't let me die
You're the only moment that I'm ever really in
And all of the world's beauty is in your eyes
Four sweaty boys with guitars can't tell me shit about my life
Yeah, that's my life
And a room in the sky full of men wearing ties can't control me
Or console me, at all
A big house in the countryside
I thought we would be alright
My dear, don't you trust me now
I thought we'd be fine somehow
Track Name: Fenenga Bridge
I feel the warmth of the sunrise, i feel your heart inside my hand
I'm getting lost in your eyes, falling down, falling down
And if you could taste the sky, would you bit the stars with your teeth
And warm your heart with the orange clouds?
Taste colors, taste colors
Track Name: Uptown
There's brown water on the TV screen, bored faces in cars keep shooting past me, black men in gas masks and rose colored glasses I could end it so quickly I'm not sure why I haven't now.
I make no one happy so why even bother, I just keep falling farther and farther, try to surround myself with love, you could watch me fall into over and over and over and over and over and over again and again.
Every other night I feel my heart fly, and every other night, I lie around and wonder why, it's always the same no matter where go, back and forth between feeling brave and feeling so alone.
The drugs are gone and you're feeling overwhelmed by all that you've become, kind and lovely and simple and free but that's not how you seem to see yourself.
The girls with their legs and all the boys with their glasses, they smile so quickly and quickly walk past, the punks on their bikes and the hip-hop lovers, and all of the lights won't let me close my eyes.
I wanna close my eyes just one last time.
Every other day I go insane, and every other day, I cloud my head and fade away, it's always the same, no matter what I do, back and forth between, suicide and lying here with you.
Track Name: My Storm
My storm tears through the sky
She goes off and floats away
Crash of life and cold
Pour down into me
My heart is warm
Track Name: Rude Awakenings
Everyone around me is sighing, too broken to stand back up
Every time I think to go out walking, I always lock myself up
And my head weighs a fuckin' ton, almost as much as my heart
They drag me down whenever I'm in town, I could do it if you told me where to start
I desperately relit some old cigarette, but sadly my mind is still runnin'
Why'd I put myself here? I don't know. I wanna go again but I got nothing.
These lows and these highs, keep on twistin my mind.
I'd leave em all behind if I didn't love em.
Back to where I started, just for a quick stop in.
Thanks again, but you know, I gotta go.
So we walked back into the unknown
Our fingers laced so tightly
Frightened of the fast approaching cold
Tired of this aimlessness game
What happened to my home?
And where did all my money go?
Which friends are real?
They all just seem so cordial
Hey boss-man, gimme back my soul
Track Name: Melting Me
There's a devil on my shoulder that I don't believe in and an angel lying naked in the bed that I sleep in, I've made a lot of mistakes but how do you escape from the cage that you breathe in?
Drifting off to sleep on the side of the street in the blackboard jungle dreaming of the cold sea, who will you be? what will you see? in that hole in your mind where you use to be.
You're melting me.
And all I can do is hold on to you.
I wish I could believe with all of my being in some mighty mighty thing, but chemicals think, they clash within me, and maybe that's all I will be.
Track Name: Brainless In The Lonely Crowd
I cracked the screen behind my brain and now I cannot see your face
Bit off my tongue to stop the pain now your eyes are all I can taste
I left my heart out in the rain to try and wash my pain away
Like metal falling from the tape, time only can bear down on me
Throw me in the river, bury me in the sand
Feed off of my body, make me a real man
Five thousand crazed faces, ten thousand dead eyes
Drowning in their secret, boy you better hide.